Black Private

01/09/2014 15:54

Nero Privato ( Black Private) is a series of paintings made ​​between 1986 and 1988. Some have a writing (Nero Privato) placed in the upper part of the painting and in the centre, on the horizontal axis, of a rectangular or square shape. Other, the last, no longer have this writing, but live only on the painted surface.

At that time many things in my life were changing and perhaps the daily state of uncertainty, at times of fear, was reflected on my works. Or maybe those paintings were an attempt to play down the days, laugh at the uncertain future.

I rarely exhibited those paintings, occasionally only those of small size. Because I thought they were born to exorcise my fears, the dreads of the future, I sent them to friends as a talisman or good-luck charm, as if they were beings good for keeping away bad luck.